Reba and Adam are your classic twenty-tens Tallahassee love story. He first saw her sitting on the front porch of a friendly gathering at the local punk house and thought she was absolutely adorable. She had this cute smile and this effortless, fun energy. While a short conversation did occur, it would be a couple years of running into each other before anything really came of it. He would see her at shows at Engine Room, karaoke night at Bird’s, and various apartment pools around town always looking cute and rolling deep with the coolest girl gang in town. She would attend the Folk Fest house show series that he and his friends would throw, eventually admitting that she didn’t care all that much about the music but just knew it was the place to be.

Then on one fateful Mockingbird Whiskey Wednesday in February of 2012 they finally connected. They spent the night hanging out, talking, and getting to know each other—and they even rolled over to the after party together when the bar closed. They were just really enjoying each other and had an instant connection of laughter and playfulness that they still maintain. At the after party, Reba teased Adam about how long it took him to strike up a conversation after telling everyone in town who would listen that he thought she was the cutest/coolest girl in town. He said he had hoped it would have gotten back to her.

The next day was their first date. He picked her up from what would eventually be the first home home they would shared together on Bronough street, and he took her to Sweet Pea Cafe for sandwiches and coffee. They were so happy to be hanging out for the first time in the light of day and they were both realizing “wow this person is super cool.”

That Spring turned to Summer, and it was really special for both of them. Swimming pools, barbeques, beach trips, river floats, a couple sunburns, and becoming part of each other’s groups of friends. A particularly fun trip to New Orleans on a whim with some friends made them realize solidified the happiness and compatibility they’d been feeling. That Summer was a beautiful beginning to their relationship, and were some of the happiest times of their lives.

A couple years of living in Tallahassee later they would move into, and out of, the house on Bronough St. Their next home was a cute 2nd floor apartment with all wood everything on Park Ave and Franklin St. And around that time they started working at together. Reba was promoted a few times, and Adam was finally starting to learn how to use the MLS lookup tool when they decided that a change of scenery was in order. They wanted to pick up the little life they’d built together and take it somewhere new. Somewhere with more professional opportunities and somewhere that would expose them to new experiences. After tossing around New York and the Pacific Northwest, the choice became clear:Austin, Texas was the spot.

A few weeks later they told their families, friends, and employer and the move became real. They were leaving Tallahassee. It was bittersweet but something they knew they wanted. They packed up Adam’s Honda Element, spent a couple weeks with their moms, and took off for their new life in Texas. Although they weren’t sure what it would have in store for them, it turned out to be one of the best decisions they ever made.

The first year in Texas was amazing and the sense that’d they’d found their new home overwhelmed them. They saw performances from some of their favorite musicians, ate the best food they could dream of, got great jobs in the tech industry, and made amazing new friendships. The topic of marriage came up, but they decided to buy a house instead. They found an amazing new construction neighborhood, got to customize their home to fit their taste, and paid a small deposit for the construction of the home which would be done in about eight months. Not two months after deciding to defer marriage plans, Adam just had a realization. When driving to work, stuck in traffic under the overpass on a Monday morning, he thought to himself, “I wish Reba was here. I love spending time with her. I always want to be spending time with her.” Then it was like, “Oh. Wait. I should marry Reba.” Two weeks later, he had designed the perfect ring and just had to wait two stress-filled weeks for it to be finished. The proposal took place in August of 2018 at a park in the Mueller neighborhood of Austin. The very park where they would take walks together before and after work during their first years in Austin. It was full of wildflowers, and had a beautiful view overlooking downtown.

Reba and Adam’s time together has been one filled with overwhelming happiness as well as many challenges and tragedies, but through it all their support of one another has never wavered. They’ve remained always in each other’s corners. Always working to make each other’s lives—and the singular life they’d built together—as happy as they could possibly be. Reba is Adam’s biggest fan. Laughing the loudest at all his bad jokes. Standing by him through thick and thin. Adam is Reba’s biggest supporter. Cheering her on through every new experience and every obstacle. They are always patient with one another. Always listening to what the other has to say. Somewhere along the way they picked up that ability to read each other’s minds and speak that non-verbal language fluently.

From students, to that post student what-am-I-doing-with-my-life phase, to first real adult jobs, to a halfway cross country move, to home ownership, Reba and Adam have been riding this wave of life together: being caring and compassionate toward one another, and understanding that even when it feels like the entire world against you that you can always count on that other person.

Rebecca Ann Nielsen and Adam Simon Gilroy are to be married on October 27, 2019 in Orlando, Florida, and they cannot wait to share this special day with their family and close friends.